Q:  What do you charge for your services?

A:  My basic charges and services are located on the 'Services and Products' page, however I am flexible depending upon your situation so please contact me to discuss or to schedule a free consultation.

Q:  What is Holistic Health?

A:  Holistic health simply means all natural, gentle, alternative options for your health goals.

Q:  Can you cure my disease?

A:  I cannot guarantee that even though I truly wish I could. Realistically, I can make no promises regarding what degree of healing you may achieve if we work together. What I can promise you is to work with you, personally, to help you with relief of your symptoms and to help you find happiness despite your disease.

Q:  Can you diagnose my condition?

A:  I cannot diagnose any condition.  It is not legal for me to do so.  Your diagnosis must be obtained by a Western Medical Doctor (an MD).  In fact, I strongly recommend that you get a diagnosis of your disorder from your doctor and explore all your treatment options with him or her before you meet with me.  I can then work with you as a complement to your other medical treatments to help alleviate your symptoms and assist you in achieving a state of holistic health.

Q:  What does your Practice do exactly?

A:  We consult, coach, and assist anyone who truly desires to reach optimal health with various supplements, counseling and technology in search of less invasive alternative options to many different ailments and diseases.

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Frequently Asked Questions